Spirits: Dark and Light    (Hardback  2006)
From August House, this volume is a collection of twenty-five supernatural stories from the Choctaws, Cherokees, Seminoles, Creeks, and Chickasaws. Stories of shape-shifters, witches, ghosts, and returning spirits reveal much about the culture and traditional beliefs of these southeastern Indian peoples, both in the past and in modern times.
Graveyard ghosts and creatures from swamps and riverbanks slink through ten creepy tales presented by master storytellers Tim Tingle and Doc Moore. Guaranteed to send shivers down the spines of younger readers, each of these stories comes with its own eerie illustrations. Some humorous, some haunting, these tales guarantee thrills and chills for youngsters from any state.
Spooky Texas Tales   (Hardback 2005)
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Walking the Choctaw Road   (Hardback  2003)
Crossing Bok Chitto   (Hardback  2006)
Fifty Texas Ghost Stories    (Hardback  2003)
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Walking the Choctaw Road   (Paperback 2003)
Fifty Texas Ghost Stories    (Paperback  2003)
Tingle's first children's illustrated title, with paintings by Cherokee artist Jeanne Rorex-Bridges. For elementary-age students through adults, this story----a gripping tale of innocence and escape----reveals the seldom-discussed friendship between many Southeastern Indians and those held in bondage. Starred Reviews in Publisher's Weekly and Booklist!
Selected as Best Anthology for 2003 by Storytelling World Magazine, Tingle's first book has garnered numerous state and national awards. The International Reader's Association chose WTCR as a Notable Book for a Global Society for 2004, citing its "peaceful resolution of racial strife."
In this, his first collection of stories, acclaimed storyteller and folklorist Tim Tingle tells the stories of his people, the Choctaw People, the Okla Homma. For years Tim has collected the stories of the old folks, weaving those tales into his own stories, mixing traditional lore with stories from everyday life. This paperback edition is the 2005 winner of the  OK Reads OK Book Award. A collection of eleven short stories.
This ghost story collection, written by Tim Tingle and Doc Moore, was released by Texas Tech University Press in May of 2003. Storytelling World Magazine selected TGS as Best Anthology for 2004. Introduced by John O. West and John L. Davis, two of Texas’ most respected folklorists, the stories include tales adapted by European settlers to their new southwestern settings.
Some humorous, some haunting, and some just late-night terrifying, these stories, gathered by two favorite Texas tellers, span a rich cultural heritage from the earliest Spanish explorers to the present, from La Llorona (the Weeping Woman) to the vanishing hitchhiker.
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In this four-CD companion to his book Walking the Choctaw Road , Tim Tingle reaches far back into tribal memory to offer a deeply personal collection of stories woven from the supernatural, mythical, historical and oral accounts of Choctaw people living today.
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Walking the Choctaw Road   (CD Audiobook  2005)
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When Turtle Grew Feathers   (Hardback  2007)
Tingle's newest release from August House is an excellent read for younger folks. Based on the traditional Choctaw folktale of Rabbit racing Turtle, this early childhood read-aloud book features colorful, whimsical drawings by illustrator Stacey Schuett.
Double Winner of the Oklahoma Book Award 2007 - Young Adult / Illustrations